My Daddy Dom

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been seeing someone that had great potential of becoming my Daddy, and I have been taking time to explore our relationship and get to know him. We’ve been together for almost 3 months now, and I feel more comfortable posting about him and what we share now. 

My Daddy is lovely. He is naturally very dominant, and it is something that you notice almost immediately when you’re around him. It’s something in the tone of his voice, and the way that he carries himself. He is very much an alpha male, but at the same time all he wants to do is take care of me, and make me smile. He spoils me completely. 

Our relationship developed quickly, as our feelings for each other grew even quicker, but he kept telling me that he wanted us to working on building us before we turned our focus to exploration. I’m impatient, and it was painful to wait, but I’m excited that we have started exploring more and more recently. 

My Daddy is very different than anyone else that I have ever dated in the past. He is patient, he means everything that he says, and he works so hard to keep us strong and working as a team. He’s truly unbelievable and indescribable. He’s the type of man that you only read about in romance novels, and for some reason, he loves me. 

He started working on a list of rules for me last night. He took a notebook and a pen, and he won’t let me see it until it is done, but I’m pretty sure he is already on the second page…He told me it would take him about 2 days to complete and then he wanted me to make a chart for my rules that I can decorate. My Daddy is very particular, precise, and strict so I am interested and apprehensive to see his list (book?) of rules. 

I’m a lucky little to have a Daddy that takes such good care of me. He makes me unicorn hot chocolate when I’m being a good girl, or if I’m having a bad day. 

He bought me a giant stuffed animal to snuggle when he’s not around. 

And he gives me bubble baths with candles and colored water when I’m not feeling well.  

There will be lots of more posts to come, but for now, this little needs to be a good girl and get to work. 


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